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The new and improved Ridge Casting has gone CyberSilly

After a much needed and useful sabatical, Ridge Casting is BACK

From the Ridge we've moved higher, we have gone into space baby! Cyber space!

Now our clients can select our models and actors pictures from our Cadet listings. 

For our clients outside KZN, (and the local guys too) we now offer online, live, streaming auditions. You book the model and audition them online from your screen. 
Note the models you are interested in and email us from our contact sheet. A representitive from the agency will forward all relevant information

How to join

Should you wish to be part of the entertianment industry you need to: Know that we are constantly trying to find work for all our artists Know that we are a casting agency, we recruit people for the industry We charge a registration fee of R300.00 once off to join our agency. This is to make sure you as an artist are commited Call us or email us (email is preferable as we are not always in the office) and book an appointment to come in and see us We will measure you and photograph you at our studio. We will create a call card for you which will be sent to every client When the day arrives for your meeting with us, bring your reg. fees as well as 3 different outfits. Preferably, 1 casual, 1 smart and 1 formal. If you're comfortable with your bod, also bring a swimsuit. Guys make sure that your hair is neat and you are presntable, girls make sure your hair is neatly arranged, preferably wear hair (this applies to hair, weaves, pieces, singles, braids, etc) loose and arrange acording to outfit at shoot. If you are going to wear makeup, it should be well applied or subtle For children, 3 changes of outfit are enough

Welcome to the Ridge in Space

If you don't find what you are looking for here, give us a brief and 24 hours. We will scour the foothills of the Valley of 1000hills, the estuaries of the Indian ocean and every lapa and hut until we find what you need